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Your Gateway to AI Mastery and Community Collaboration

Welcome to inQuest AI, where over 50,000 AI conversations ignite exploration across various models like ChatGPT, Bing, and Gemini. Our platform is a hub for finding, using, and understanding AI, tailored for over 2,000 professions. Here, you can compare AI models, unravel the ‘how-to’ of AI with advanced search tools, and dive into practical applications through shared user experiences.

Join private groups for collaborative AI projects, engage in real-world challenges, and follow AI trailblazers for insights relevant to your journey. inQuest AI is more than a platform; it’s a vibrant community, reshaping AI learning and application.

Join us and be part of a learning movement, one AI interaction at a time.

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Browse Over 50,000 Shared AI Conversations

Explore our comprehensive collection of over 50,000 shared AI conversations. Discover how AI is applied in real-world scenarios, offering valuable insights into its diverse uses and capabilities.


All the Best AI Models in One Place

Explore shared AI interactions from ChatGPT, Bing, Gemini, and more. Not all models excel at everything. inQuest AI helps you discover which models are best for your specific tasks, providing an easy way to compare their strengths and applications.


Robust Search Capabilities

Our advanced search tools are designed to demystify the ‘how-to’ of AI. Looking to solve a task with AI? We streamline your quest by guiding you to relevant AI interactions and conversations. Our platform showcases practical examples of AI in action, helping you understand the steps involved in various AI applications. Coupled with our ‘For You’ feature, which caters to over 2,000 professions, you’re ensured personalized and applicable search results, directly aligned with your field and needs.


Create & Join Groups

Create or join private groups to engage in exclusive AI activities like private challenges, shared conversations, and custom GPT collaborations. These groups are a secure space for members to iteratively develop AI projects, share best practices, and learn collectively. Ideal for schools, businesses, or personal projects, these private groups ensure that your collaborative AI endeavors remain confidential and focused, fostering a community of shared learning and innovation.

Interactive AI Challenges

Participate in challenges that showcase the practical application of AI in solving real-world problems. These challenges emphasize the process, not just the outcome, allowing you to see step-by-step how solutions are achieved using various AI models and tools.


Subscribe to Follow Others

Subscribe to fellow users with similar interests or professions to seamlessly integrate their AI shares and discoveries into your feed. It’s like following someone on social media, but tailored for AI interactions, ensuring you always have access to content that’s relevant and useful for your AI journey.